Start of Construction at Garage Unlimited of Monterey Less Than a Month Away

There’s been a lot of buzz about Garage Unlimited of Monterey, a one-of-a-kind car and storage condo complex near the Monterey Airport. This is especially true among car people: avid collectors, showcase competitors, amateur racers, and weekend track-driving enthusiasts. The fact is — there simply aren’t many options to store cars on the Monterey Peninsula. At least, not in the … Read More

Hangar Storage Not Likely a Viable Alternative for Cars

Flying in the Face of a Proposed FAA Directive Owners searching for places to store vintage and collector cars, race or high-performance track cars, or exotics have explored almost every option. Once you run short of space in your or your friends’ garages, and have checked into the nearest self-storage facilities (which really aren’t an ideal option in any case), … Read More

Would You Park Your Ferrari LaFerrari Inside Your House?

“Imagine, waking up every day, stepping inside your living room, and seeing your beautiful red Ferrari LaFerrari. But then realizing it’s going to be a pain in the butt to get the prancing horse out of the room quickly…” We have a solution for those who might draw the line on bringing the LaFerrari inside the house. » Read the … Read More

Garage Unlimited of Monterey Starts 2016 on a Hot Streak

More than 50% of square footage has been snapped up in a few months at the unique garage condo facility If you own one or more restored, concours-grade automobiles that you regularly show, or exotic or high-performance cars for racing or open track-driving days, then you undoubtedly already know this fact: finding somewhere to safely and securely store them is … Read More

‘Passion investing’ in classic cars is gaining speed

This was a great CNBC article on classic car investing. Something they coined “Passion Investing”. Basically the article says, Classic cars are gaining attention due to their nearly 500 percent returns over the past decade, outpacing art and wine by more than 100 percent. Why now? “In my decades of doing this, I’ve never seen collector cars recognized so universally … Read More

Ladies (and Gents) — Take Your Garage Back!

The humble garage. When it was first conceived, it seemed like a fine idea: an enclosed space in which to park the family cars and protect them from heat and cold, rain and the occasional passing seagull. But somewhere along the way, the idea of a traditional attached garage has been run off the road. Rather than hosting cars, garages … Read More

Garage and Self Storage in Monterey, Ca

It’s happening all around the Monterey Bay area. In quaint little cottages on the beach in Carmel. Rustic coastal cabins in Santa Cruz. And especially, in new high-density housing that’s being built in response to soaring land values. Home garages are pulling a disappearing act. Anywhere living space is at a premium, the first thing to go is the garage. … Read More

Garage Storage in Short Supply

In Orange County, the nation’s largest RV storage facility recently announced that it’s closing — leaving 2,200 RV owners without a place to store their vehicles. The reason is simple: soaring land values. Land in Orange County is now going for $2 million an acre and higher. Owners can’t afford to waste that on storage. Closer to home, we’re facing … Read More