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Garage Unlimited is a private garage/storage condominium facility for auto enthusiasts, RV/boat owners, hobbyists, or anyone who needs extra storage space for storing business or personal items.


YES. These are fee-simple storage condos that you own in a way that’s similar to how you would own a residential condominium.


There are 46 condo units, with unit sizes ranging from approximately 1,119 to 1,390 square feet. View the floor plan.
YES. Some units will have the ability to be combined with “pass-thru’s” on adjacent walls, subject to building code requirements.
Unit depths range from approximately 35’ to 52’ feet. Widths range from approximately 17’ to 26’ feet. Ceiling heights are just less than 26’, and all units have roll-up doors with clear heights of approximately 14′ feet. View the floor plan.
YES. Most consumer vehicles in California are required to stand no taller than 13’6″. Our 14’ doors will be more than adequate for most RVs or boats.


The mezzanines represent approximately 30% of the total unit space. This is an ideal area to customize into your personal retreat space.


Upgrades include epoxy or polished concrete floor systems, private restrooms, coffee bars or other cabinetry, enhanced lighting, Eagle Eye Networks access control and video surveillance systems, and automatic garage door openers.


YES. You may store your RV, boat, car, household, commercial, or business items and even work on your projects within your unit. However, uses that create excessive noise, dust, hazardous materials or pollutants, or create obvious fire hazards and negatively impact the reasonable use and enjoyment of other units are not permitted. You’ll get a chance to review and accept the formal, detailed CC&Rs during the purchase process.
YES. Any tenants must follow the rules and regulations of the owner’s association and acknowledge them upon lease execution.
YES. You can do almost anything you would ordinarily do in your home garage, as long as your work or hobby does not reasonably interfere with the enjoyment of another unit occupant and does not violate any of the restrictions in the CCRs or Association rules.


Certain types of low-impact business uses are allowed at the complex.

This includes not only car-driven companies, but also any type of business that operates with few employees, minimal water usage and very little in-person customer contact.

NO. There will be a common-area bathroom and sink located next to the office. However, every unit will offer the capability to connect to the fresh water line and sewer line to accommodate a restroom, either purchased as an upgrade or installed by the owner at a later date.
NO. Our experience has taught us that many of the owner users like to hang out in their units and their own mezzanine “retreat” spaces.
YES. Cat 6 wiring is provided for unit owners wanting phone service or Internet access.
YES. Security cameras will be provided for the common areas, as well as at the entrance and exit to the facility. Most activity — including people exiting or entering the units — will be captured via these video cameras, and the information will be stored in the cloud using Eagle Eye technology. Each owner will have his or her own security code for access through the entry/exit gates. Every condo unit will come with its own alarm and access control system on the door.
YES. There are no access restrictions, day or night.
YES. The dump station and on-site air will be conveniently located in the facility. Hose bibs will be located throughout the facility for the occasional washing of vehicles, filling of fresh water tanks and other needs — subject to owner’s association rules.
YES. Currently, the monthly association fees are anticipated to be approximately $.15/per square foot. These fees pay for common-area space, landscaping, water, exterior lighting, facilities maintenance, monitoring, and insurance.
Each unit will be individually metered by PG&E., so you can pay your own electric bill directly and use as little or as much power as you need.
Yes, our preferred lenders have both types of financing available.

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