Taking Mini-Storage to the Maximum

Share this Post Monterey Peninsula residents love their cars — and cars love the Monterey Peninsula. Its windswept vistas. Steel-blue stretches of ocean. The magnificent, soaring heights of Big Sur and miles of winding back roads. Our local love affair with the automobile is further reinforced by Monterey Car Week, which draws auto enthusiasts from around the world to the … Read More

A Coveted Car Community

Share this Post There’s nothing else like it on the Monterey Peninsula. Garage Unlimited of Monterey offers 46 car and storage condos ranging from 1,384 sq. ft. to almost 2,700 sq. ft. of space in a private, access-controlled facility at Ryan Ranch near the airport. In an area that loves its cars — yet has a serious shortage of attached … Read More

It’s Like a Safe Deposit Box for your “Passion” Investments

Share this Post Passion investing — putting a percentage of your wealth into something you love — has become highly popular over the past decade or so. The concept is so well accepted that many investment advisors are suggesting that their clients allocate a fixed percentage — perhaps 15 to 20% of their wealth — in this investment category. What’s … Read More