Garage Unlimited and Hooked on Driving Announce Co-Sponsorships

An Unbeatable Team — on the Track and Off

Founded in 2004, Hooked on Driving (HOD) is America’s #1 non-competitive, performance driving education program. HOD focuses on providing high-performance training for drivers with track-capable cars in the controlled environment of a race course. Competition doesn’t figure into it, unless a driver wants to go on to earn his or her racing license through an appropriate sanctioning body. HOD is for auto enthusiasts who want to have safe, fun days at the track.

Garage Unlimited of Monterey is also for people who love their cars and motorcycles. The one-of-a-kind facility near the Monterey Regional Airport, just a few miles from Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, is ideal for auto enthusiasts who enjoy running their cars in open tracking-driving days or watching races at the legendary circuit, as well as participating in Monterey Car Week activities every August.

Garage Unlimited of Monterey and Hooked on Driving have a lot in common

Now, Garage Unlimited of Monterey and Hooked on Driving–California have teamed up as co-sponsors to offer incentives benefiting customers and prospects of both organizations.

Rewards for Hooked on Driving Customers

With a promo code from HOD, you’ll receive several really nice incentives at close of escrow to go along with your ownership in one of the coolest car communities in California. Contact David Ray and his team at the at, or call 209-785-4400.

Rewards for Garage Unlimited of Monterey Owners and Prospects

Hooked on Driving is offering two valuable incentives — one for current or soon-to-be owners at Garage Unlimited, and the other just for talking with one of our brokers or taking a tour of the impressive facility. Incentives are for new HOD customers only. Talk to any of our brokers for info.

HOD’s High-Performance Driving Experiences

An HPDE is a full-day program held on a closed road course, with managed passing rules. Most HPDE participants bring their own sporting cars and are allowed to drive them on the course in conjunction with focused instruction and monitoring. Cars can also be rented from HOD partners— contact HOD in advance if you prefer to rent.

Drivers are grouped according to their ability and experience. The focus of an HPDE day is threefold:

  • Safety and good judgment on the track at all times — this is not a race
  • Having a great experience, regardless of run group and skill level
  • Progressing in skill from one day to the next

If you’d like to know more about Hooked on Driving’s programs, visit or contact us at; – 209-785- 4400.